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March 7, 2013

I am thrilled to announce a project Emily and I have been working on – the flourish blog.
our hope is that you can come to it for daily encouragement…i’m not talking about stories upon stories that you don’t have time to read…i’m talking about a quote, scripture, quick reminder, bit of encouragement.  something you can read while you’re waiting in line at the grocery store, before you walk out the door for work or while you’re nursing that baby.  something that only takes a few minutes, but will hopefully have a lasting impact on your heart and in your life.
emily and I have a passion for women—for connecting them to each other and to god.
we are all in different stages of life, and flourish isn’t geared toward any one stage.
we hope that this can be a community where women can encourage and learn from one another.
you can find me on the blog or us as a family on instagram!
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January 8, 2013
we are just a little over 2 weeks away from our next flourish retreat
we still have a couple tickets left, and today, we want to give one away!
if you’ve wanted to come, but finances are an issue, then keep on reading.
we don’t care to “fill up” the retreat—we believe god will bring the ladies that he wants there, whether it’s 2 ladies or 14.
but, we do feel like we have an opportunity to bless someone, so with that, we want to give away a ticket.
the $300 ticket will cover your lodging and food for the whole weekend!
you just need to get yourself there.
{if you fly in, we will provide transportation to and from the airport}
here’s the info on the weekend:
jan. 24-27th
lake cypress springs, TX
to enter, leave a comment on this post.
-if you’d like some extra entries, blog it, tweet it, facebook it, whatev.
you can leave a separate comment for each.
-winner will be announced on friday, 1/11
good luck!
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happy new year

January 7, 2013

over christmas lucy contracted some deathly virus that soon attacked every woman in this family. {ryan who usually always get sick somehow managed to stay healthy?} i got hit the hardest and have honestly never in my life been that ill from a virus. I thought on many occasions from  my journeys from the toilet to the bath to bed, to toilet, to bath to bed, that if I was in a dicey situation where i needed to defend my family………i would probably give up. I thought about concentration camp victims and how if i was there and feeling the way i felt, i would give up……done….hello Jesus nice to meet you. Upon my illness, it really made me think about the inner strength that people have possessed. WOW! great reflection time i must say.

now we are all better and back to mischevious  ways – ready to conquer the world. health is a blessing – one that i am thankful for!

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Merry Everything

December 16, 2012

I hope everything about your Christmas is Cheerful!This images are cruel i know, but so worth it!!!!



November 3, 2012

my in laws took us on a trip to Vermont and i must say, it was one of the most beautiful places i have ever been!!! I am actually dying to go back and travel more. if you ever get a chance head up that way to see a remarkable part of the USA! Words cannot even describe its beauty! I am so thankful for this time I had with my Ry and my in laws!



September 10, 2012

i am a routine kind of person

the change of routines for fall has thrown me off a little.

i have been a little grouchy -er

i find myself frustrated throughout the day, loosing my patience and just being a little on the old negativo side

i am hoping this is the week, that everything falls into place

this quote is a great reminder of living in the day – which i need to do

“Just think how happy you would be if you lost everything you have right now, and then got it back again.”
– Frances Rodman

thankful for:

the sighting of pumpkins, the cool front that blew in, family walks and family bike rides, grocery shopping alone {what a difference}

praying for:

patience, joy in all circumstances

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September 7, 2012

so apprently there is a zoo 5 minutes from my house, that I just heard about, 5 years too late!

My bestie ashley drug me and the fam out of the house {which is hard to do, ask any of them}

{I only went because it was literally around the corner – if something takes too much effort then count me out}

anyway….. the perks of living in a small town, are finding these little hidden gems

if it was not “africa hot” outside and deathly mosquitos lurking at every corner, i totally would have stayed longer.

on our tiny drive to the zoo, I cannot tell you how many times we almost pulled over to take photos of the gang at the amazing old homes, it literally felt like we stepped back 90 years

again, too much effort, so we did not

but here are few shots from the zoo

this little guy was super clingy. ashley and ryan let it run all over their hair and arms and perch on their shoulders and stuff

not I – totally creeped outtiny country store

lastly the photo of the year – tess was calling my name and i found her here…..she smiled and was so proud.

she thinks the toilet is this magical toy that only lucy gets to play with. her goal everyday is to splash in its healing waters

{note to self – buy potty locks now}

so goodbye, im off to do just that

btw – ive been horrible about blogging this summer – can you tell :) im making my way back with lots of new stuff




the lake.

August 31, 2012

last weekend the Anderson’s came out for a visit and we had such a fun weekend full of memories

there were 9 kids in all

9 kids just frolicking around the water – i felt like a mama eagle bird on point, watching all angles at all times

there was fishing, boating, kayaking, swimming, laughing and just a lot of fun!

here are some scenes from the weekend

{michael anne throwing a fit – tess watching and hopefully not learning}

{sweet milo – isn’t he gorgeous}

{caedmon and ryan kayaking – I have a little somethin special for this boy}

{olive – the most precious baby – ever! if i could steal her, then i would take on a 4th child without a doubt! she is perfect in every way}

{michael anne and kohen – arn’t their haircuts all kinds of fantastic! –

they look like little lovers, but in reality, no one wants to play with michael anne because she scrtaches people, loves to be naked and says poo poo like every other word. I can’t break her of the potty talk any suggestions are welcomed}

{ms elsa getting her fish on – she is such a sweet spirited little girl}

{tess a roonie – im in love with my growing baby girl}

{hadley – here she is fishing, but she was like a little mermaid in the water swimming 99% of the time!}

{lucy loved having so many friends on hand – she has been afraid of swimming in the lake water {and rightly so – i dont hang out much in dark waters either}, but this weekend she got the urge and jumped in. we could not keep her out. I love seeing your kids turn a corner and conquer a fear – its always on “her” timing

{more fishing – the kids were so determined to catch these tiny little fish! :}

what a blessed time with friends. you can get to know the andersons here – we love them lots and had so much fun!



August 28, 2012

life……goes by in a hurry

last night i cried myself to sleep, longing for my grandmother, who is  loosing her memory in a big way

its just so sad

i wish i was there to rock her and rub her back

as i was laying on my pillow that was smeared with tears and snot {i was ugly crying}

a life lesson came to me, really a parenting lesson i suppose

you see, growing up, some of my VERY fondest memories are with my grandparents

they lived within minutes from me, in a duplex, on a busy street

old lace curtains, floral couches

the dishwasher was used as a pantry – no joke

there was nothing visibly exciting about her home, only a few toys….if that

and i craved being there. i was there ALL THE TIME

i have told many, that my fondest memories of childhood were there.

what made my life so special with them?  they were PRESENT

they never played games with me, or gave me advice, i don’t recall playing with toys or having any deep conversations, they never got angry with me

{my mamaw is actually the kindest and most innocent women on earth….FACT}

they lived a simple life and included me in everything they did

we would sweep the front walkway morning and night, walk the block to look for pecans, she always made me a coconut cream pie and every saturday we would all 3 load up in a pickup sitting side by side and go in search of garage sales

i would watch cable tv {which we never had at home}, color and wander

their home was quiet – i can remember the sound of clocks ticking

i always slept on a pallet right below her bed and she would tickle my back and tell me little rhymes before i went to sleep

she was never more than 10 ft from me at any given point

i was never a bother, i felt special in their home

the greatest lesson she has taught me is to be present and content {which i have to work on daily}

to include my children in the ordinary and accept them the way they are

to be gentle

to show love

and not criticize their every move

she left me with a feeling of love and acceptance

and yet all she was……….was present

simple. loving. present



August 6, 2012
you know when you get something in your head and it stays there, you can’t shake it no matter how hard to try? Well, last year this happened to me. The idea of bringing women together to grow and learn was at the forfront of my head. Emily came to my mind immediately, and when I asked her if she would be interested in co-founding a retreat, she said yes without hesitation. It turns out, that both of us were passionate about the same thing and that was to help women live intentional and purpose filled lives through Jesus. We began planning and praying and soon the date was set for our first retreat. 
We wanted to offer a time for women to get away {from it all}, be still and quiet, grow in strong relationships with one another and hit on some key notes on living a full and abundant life in Christ. We cannot wait for this time, not only for the women who will attend, but also for ourselves. We are all in need of replentishing the spirit. Our hope is that you walk away from the retreat with a new sense of purpose and a community of women to grow with.
so, would you like to join us?
here are a few things to take note of:
-located in mt. vernon, TX – on lake cypress springs
-september 20-23, 2012
-there are 14 spots available
-you will be sharing a room with other women (everyone will have a bed to sleep on).
-tickets are $250 and includes all your lodging, meals, drinks and snacks.  plus a pretty awesome welcome bag.  the only thing you need to worry about is getting yourself there.
-transportation to and from airport (DFW) will be provided.
because we have a limited amount of tickets that we can sell, here’s how ticket sales will go:
on friday, august 10th, tickets will go on sale at 7:00 AM (central time zone).
the first 14 emails (see email address below) we receive will get a spot in the retreat.
from there, we will send you a paypal invoice and you will have 24 hours to pay your invoice, or your spot will be given to someone else.
if you don’t get in this time, we are praying about making this a quarterly thing, so we will put you on the waiting list.
We hope you can join us! It is sure to be a memorable experience!
for more information click here