the lake.

August 31, 2012

last weekend the Anderson’s came out for a visit and we had such a fun weekend full of memories

there were 9 kids in all

9 kids just frolicking around the water – i felt like a mama eagle bird on point, watching all angles at all times

there was fishing, boating, kayaking, swimming, laughing and just a lot of fun!

here are some scenes from the weekend

{michael anne throwing a fit – tess watching and hopefully not learning}

{sweet milo – isn’t he gorgeous}

{caedmon and ryan kayaking – I have a little somethin special for this boy}

{olive – the most precious baby – ever! if i could steal her, then i would take on a 4th child without a doubt! she is perfect in every way}

{michael anne and kohen – arn’t their haircuts all kinds of fantastic! –

they look like little lovers, but in reality, no one wants to play with michael anne because she scrtaches people, loves to be naked and says poo poo like every other word. I can’t break her of the potty talk any suggestions are welcomed}

{ms elsa getting her fish on – she is such a sweet spirited little girl}

{tess a roonie – im in love with my growing baby girl}

{hadley – here she is fishing, but she was like a little mermaid in the water swimming 99% of the time!}

{lucy loved having so many friends on hand – she has been afraid of swimming in the lake water {and rightly so – i dont hang out much in dark waters either}, but this weekend she got the urge and jumped in. we could not keep her out. I love seeing your kids turn a corner and conquer a fear – its always on “her” timing

{more fishing – the kids were so determined to catch these tiny little fish! :}

what a blessed time with friends. you can get to know the andersons here – we love them lots and had so much fun!



  1. such a fun weekend!
    and i laughed out loud about your michael anne comment…i mean, who doesn’t want to hang with someone who scratches them and calls them poo-poo?

    still laughing.

  2. wow such beautiful kids, every one of them! hee hee, MA and Van are seriously soul siblings, they share the same passions of nakedness, potty talk and throwing tantrums. I’m sure they’ll grow out of it…..

  3. these pictures are to die for! Amazing shots. What do you use to edit them, if I might ask?

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