September 7, 2012

so apprently there is a zoo 5 minutes from my house, that I just heard about, 5 years too late!

My bestie ashley drug me and the fam out of the house {which is hard to do, ask any of them}

{I only went because it was literally around the corner – if something takes too much effort then count me out}

anyway….. the perks of living in a small town, are finding these little hidden gems

if it was not “africa hot” outside and deathly mosquitos lurking at every corner, i totally would have stayed longer.

on our tiny drive to the zoo, I cannot tell you how many times we almost pulled over to take photos of the gang at the amazing old homes, it literally felt like we stepped back 90 years

again, too much effort, so we did not

but here are few shots from the zoo

this little guy was super clingy. ashley and ryan let it run all over their hair and arms and perch on their shoulders and stuff

not I – totally creeped outtiny country store

lastly the photo of the year – tess was calling my name and i found her here…..she smiled and was so proud.

she thinks the toilet is this magical toy that only lucy gets to play with. her goal everyday is to splash in its healing waters

{note to self – buy potty locks now}

so goodbye, im off to do just that

btw – ive been horrible about blogging this summer – can you tell :) im making my way back with lots of new stuff





  1. That last photo is a riot! Oh my word!!!

  2. This is a type of bathtub I have yet to see… :-O You must tell where the secret zoo is!

  3. PS. Is that a marmoset? (misspelling?!) Such as on Diego!? LOL

  4. I am glad you guys made it to the zoo and had a good time. But that photo of Tess is a crack up and simply made my day. Cassie x

  5. just came across your blog. your girls are adorable!

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