May 15, 2012

lately she seems so big – she is learning so much and maturing more and more. she is too big for me to carry and i realize she is growing up. she was my first baby and will always be my baby, but now she is growing and thinking and asking questions, learning to skip and ride bikes. she thinks deep and i love how her mind works. it makes my heart a little sad to see her grow, but at the same time i am filled with joy at seeing her accomplishments. it is so much fun! I love you my beautiful little girl!

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mothers day

May 14, 2012

what a fantastic mothers day – all 3 of my girls leave me feeling blessed everyday – but on mothers day, everyone was super attentive to mommy. Ryan went out of his way to make the day all about me. Lucy woke up early and I got to enjoy a cup of coffee while she was riding her new bike all around the driveway. The sun was just up, the birds were signing and it was just the 2 of us. We had a FANTASTIC day at church – Ryan and I were so moved by some things happening and it just was a huge day. We came home and I took a big nap {the kind where you are slobbering and crusty when you wake} it was some good sleep! thanks babe for letting me nap! We swam in the pool, went for a family bike ride, and then had a pizza party in our new teepee. You can purchase one here and let me tell you it is so so worth it! It even comes assembled you just unfold :) awesomeness

thanks babe for all our girls and for making me feel so special – your the best!

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roll away

May 14, 2012

she kept asking us if she could roll a hay bale – so of course we let her try. i wish everyone could hear her country accent when she says bale too – wow!


our weekend

May 7, 2012

our weekend included a lot of time at the farmers market. I was there before the rest of the family, so ryan was left to feed and dress the kids. he did awesome of course and only forgot one thing – michael anne some shoes! she was literally running the streets barefoot! oh wellthe local acting school is about to put on the wizard of oz play so they came to walk the streets. um…amazing costumes by the way. Lucy was in awe!all my girls in swimsuits – a first! usually someone is naked.

i hope you had a lovely weekend

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May 4, 2012

have a fun and relaxing weekend!


a moment.

May 3, 2012

i have been home alone with the girls for 2 days. he comes home today and we have all missed him. lucy has been have slumber parties in my bed {sleeping sideways and moving all night – i love looking over at her and nothing is better than seeing your sleeping baby berthing hard} last night they all snuggled in this chair – PERFECTLY STILL. that never happens. tess was soaking in every moment of being close – the other girls are usually running and screaming all over the house and she cannot keep up. it was a moment i will store in my thoughts to recall on – they mold together

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tiny dancers

April 16, 2012

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April 12, 2012

she loves hair! she is always batting and pulling her sisters hair {which they scream and cry}

her little elephant she sleeps with has hair on top then she caresses

whenever she can she wants to play with hair

on another note…..i REALLY enjoyed this preformance¬†


daddy and girls

April 11, 2012

He tells the best stories, teaches them michael jackson moves, loves for them to go on adventures, sings to them – he is full of life and they can see that. they crave him and light up when he is near

i am so thankful they got him for their daddy

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quick like a cat

April 4, 2012

if she is not in your arms – then she is off doing mischievous things

while i was unloading groceries, she sneaks this loaf of bread {in its package} into another room, figures out how to take off both layers of plastic

and comes rounding the corner gnawing on her kill

my little mess!